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Restorer and dealer in good quality original antique clocks established in Cirencester since 1984.
All my clocks are carefully sourced and researched for their originality, before being fully restored in our in house workshop using traditional skills. I only sell clocks that I consider authentic and have built my reputation on this.

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Clock Restoration
All clocks that I sell are restored in house by myself or my assistant, both West Dean trained and with many years of experience, both graduated in the early 1980s.
We also restore customers clocks. English, French, and good quality German clocks, which means any clock made between the 17th and middle of the 19th century. This was the period of good quality clockmaking. After 1860 clocks are being manufactured by machine, and like all mass produced things, were not built to last.
Estimates are given for the work involved before starting.