A Set Of 6 (or 12) 19thC Mahogany Dining Chairs.

A set of 6 (or 12) 19thC Mahogany dining chairs.

 DescriptionA good quality set of 6 19thC Mahogany dining chairs.(or available as 12 please see information below)These dining chairs are actually in overall good condition but will be re French polished, any loose joints will be reclamped all included in the price. Upholstery, again included, can be undertaken in your own choice of fabric at this stage. A rare style of Manchester cabinet makers 'Reillys'.
These have a good bow in the backs ,so are a comfortable chair. The legs have a pleasant reeding in the length. They will of course be in fully restored and thus excellent condition when finished, as mentioned all this work is included. ((((A colleague has a set of 6 of these with a full seat so there is a possibility of 12 if they appeal. Please enquire by phone on this point 01565 874075.)))) Reserved
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